A Taster of the Novel in English

“A masterful creation of a modern myth.”

T. C. Price, openDemocracy

“When Bardo, an architect and a poet, dies accidentally, his twin brother’s first thought is to suspect the intriguing red-haired Ophelia, Bardo’s love, who as flown away. A chase across northern Europe commences, which is an elevating initiation to a dimension and understanding the brother narrator ignored. Through the voyage, the past reveals its real visage, while a mysterious child guides all characters to an unexpected climax, a riveting duel revealing the truth regarding the so-called death of Bardo…

 Under the guise of a flawless whodunit thriller, this novella brings to life richly defined contemporary characters, while proposing an original take on crucial themes, such as generational transmission, the politics of self-determination, and what it is to see life as it truly is, without undermining its complexity, diversity and poetry. A fictional manifesto for the 21st century, and a breathtaking translation of the seventh novel of an author at the top of his art.”

Read the first 3 chapters in English here (non-edited): Who Killed the Poet_Eng_Intro

Luis and Tina
Luis de Miranda with English translator Tina Kover


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